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Asferico - Nature Photography Contest 2024


• Deadline: December 10th, 2023

• Prize: 3.000 € + Exhibition

• Theme: Nature / Wildlife / Landscape

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities


The competition is open to amateur or professional photographers of any age or nationality. The subscription fee is €30,00 per adult until December 3, and €35.00 from December 4-10. Young photographers (aged 17 and under on the opening date) have free subscription (see rule 16). Participation is exclusively online on the website All communications should be sent by email only to: Ensure that security/spam restrictions do not hinder communications with the Asferico Staff.

By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to these Rules. English and Italian are the languages used by the staff and for the final texts printed in the competition catalogue.


  • Each entrant can submit a maximum of thirty (30) images, distributed freely across categories.

  • Accepted formats: Digital files and scan of slides.

  • Editing limited to basic cleaning, slight adjustments, and cropping (not exceeding 35%).

  • Borders, signatures, and watermarks are not allowed. Color space must be Adobe RGB (1998).

  • Digitally manipulated images allowed only if complying with specified limits.

  • Fusion of images allowed for panoramas or HDR, must comply with rules.

  • Low-resolution submission: 1920 pixels on the long side, 72 dpi, jpg format, not exceeding 3 MB.

  • High-resolution submission (if selected): at least 3000 pixels on the long side, same crop and color as jpg, and original RAW files.

  • Entrants notified for pre-selection; instructions for high-res files upload provided.

  • Failure to submit high-res files or non-compliance results in disqualification.

  • Jury may request original slides for commended or winning pictures in scans.

  • STORIES category: Comprising 6-8 images with a text of at least 1,700 characters.


  • Subdivided into age groups: I. 14 and under, II. 15-17.

  • Entry is free for young photographers with parent/guardian authorization.

  • Maximum of five (5) images allowed across various categories.

  • Preselection may require RAW files or original JPGs for young photographers.

  • Only winners and runners-up of each age group awarded and published.


  • Subjects must be photographed in their natural environment.

  • No acceptance of photos of pets, animals bred in captivity, birds in nests, or cultivated plants/landscapes with human elements.

  • Jury reserves the right to reject images in contrast with the ethics of the competition.

  • Preference for images not winning other competitions and preferably unpublished.


  • Image compliance checked for rules 7 and 22.

  • Pre-selection: Jury members independently choose images.

  • Final Selection: Jury meets to select winning images.

  • Entries may be moved between categories at the discretion of the jury.

  • Jury decisions are final; no refund for rejected images.


  • All rights to photos must be owned by the author without obligations or ties to agencies or publishers.

  • AFNI and Asferico are entitled to use winning and selected images for publication, websites, brochures, calendars, and exhibitions.

  • Authors' names will always be mentioned.


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