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Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund 2024

• Adobe

• Deadline: Rolling / No Deadline

• Prize: $10,000 Residency Fund

• Eligibility: Whoever impacted by the Invasion of Ukraine

• Entry Fees: Free


Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund

At Adobe, the steadfast commitment to fostering "Creativity for All" remains unwavering, as the company tirelessly strives to equip individuals worldwide with the essential tools, inspiration, and support needed to articulate their unique narratives. Rooted in this ethos, the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund was established with a noble purpose: to offer aid to creators facing extraordinary hardships. Acknowledging the profound enrichment derived from diverse perspectives, Adobe passionately advocates for the belief that a more inclusive world blossoms when diverse viewpoints are embraced.

In times of uncertainty, creative expression emerges as a powerful conduit for learning, resilience, and societal impact. Thus, Adobe remains resolute in its dedication to spearheading this movement, facilitating access to vital resources for creators hailing from diverse backgrounds. The Community Fund operates with a focused mission to address ongoing global challenges that directly impact the well-being of creators, with the overarching goal of fostering positive change over time. Central to the Fund's ethos is flexibility, enabling it to adapt and pivot to address emerging issues as they arise.

Since 2022, Adobe has observed with deep concern the unwarranted and violent attacks on Ukraine, resulting in tragic loss of innocent lives. Amidst this unfolding tragedy, Adobe recognizes a moral imperative to aid creators amidst the escalating humanitarian crisis and refugee plight in the region. As a result, the Community Fund has redirected its efforts to concentrate on providing support to creators directly impacted by the unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

Selected recipients of the Community Fund are granted a sum of US$10,000 from the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund. While recipients retain full autonomy over the utilization of the funds, the primary aim is to extend assistance to those affected by the Ukrainian invasion, enabling them to navigate this period of conflict and sustain themselves and their families. Selection criteria are based on professional portfolio assessment and a direct impact assessment stemming from the attacks on Ukraine, ensuring that support is provided where it is most needed.


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