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10th Los Angeles Billboard Exhibition

The Billboard Creative

• Deadline: September 17th, 2023

• Prize: $1000 + Exhibition in Los Angeles

• Category: Visual Art

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The Billboard Creative (TBC) is known for its curated exhibitions that bring large-scale artworks to dozens of billboards across Los Angeles. These exhibitions feature a diverse range of artists, including emerging talents, mid-career creators, under-appreciated individuals, and established figures. The artworks showcased in TBC's shows have garnered incredible exposure, having been viewed by passing cars over 67 million times. They have also received recognition in prestigious publications such as The Los Angeles Times, Flaunt Magazine, Huffington Post, L'Oeil de la Photographie, as well as through coverage on NPR/KCRW's Art Talk and Creators Project.

The submission process for these exhibitions is open internationally and welcomes artists from all disciplines. As long as your artwork can be transformed into a digital file, TBC can display it on a billboard. Selected artists have the opportunity to be part of The Billboard Creative's Los Angeles Billboard Expedition, where their works will be showcased in a gallery-like setting, utilizing the city as their walls. The billboards featuring the artists' works have already been viewed by passing cars over 83 million times. These billboards are strategically placed in high-traffic areas near galleries, museums, and art districts, ensuring maximum impact and exposure for the artworks.

Furthermore, TBC's exhibitions have garnered attention from various publications, including Hyperallergic, Flaunt Magazine, the Huffington Post, NPR, and The Creators Project, among others, solidifying their influence in the art community.

In addition to the exhibitions, TBC is excited to announce the continuation of its art grant initiative. This year, three artists will be selected to receive $1000 each as nonspecific art grants. The eligibility for these grants extends to all participants, regardless of whether their work is chosen for the exhibition. This initiative aims to support and empower artists in their creative endeavors.


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