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Kayla May

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Eat it Before it Melts (Exhibiting in Melbourne, Australia 9-26th March 2023)

Nothing quite grabs your attention like the feeling of your paddle pop melting down your hand as you hurriedly race to lick up the drips of brightly coloured goop before they fall and land on your toes. The nostalgic pleasure of our favorite summer treat transports each of us to a unique and ephemeral place. Perhaps, it reminds us of simpler times; leaving the beach sun-kissed, splice in hand, satisfied. A time when we were content with the present and indifferent to the future.
A single photograph in the series concentrates on the individual. Each of us have a unique and complex experience, childhood memories that have shaped us and
belong only to us. But when the images are placed together, we are positioned to see these multi-faceted, individual experiences in the context of a collective. An unassuming, and
an apparently mundane object, like the ice-cream, ties us all together in memory.
In a post pandemic world where there are seemingly more uncertainties than certainties, it is no wonder that nostalgia is on the rise. The ice-cream is a symbolic longing for moments past, while, simultaneously, it is a reminder of
the fleeting nature of time. The series interrogates our collective futures from a place of emotional retrospection. The tension between the past, present and future is bittersweet. As ice cream drips into goop before our eyes, it is a call to the present, to eat it before it melts.
The series was shot in the summer of 2022-23 and captured over 40 participants in total. Some close friends and others strangers to the artist. With a documentary-like format the artist plans to evolve the project into a photobook.

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