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6th Photo Festival Ferrara International Competition
6th Photo Festival Ferrara International Competition

Wed, Apr 20


Fee: 15€ / Prize: 400€+Exhibit+Publication

6th Photo Festival Ferrara International Competition

Theme: Travel. The 6th RIAPERTURE PHOTOFESTIVAL FERRARA INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION is organized by Riaperture Association with the patronage of the Municipality of Ferrara, Emilia Romagna Region and Ministry of Culture and is open to photographers of all levels, amateurs or professionals

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Deadline / Fee / Prize:

Apr 20, 2022, 9:59 PM

Fee: 15€ / Prize: 400€+Exhibit+Publication



The 6th RIAPERTURE PHOTOFESTIVAL FERRARA INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION is organized by the Riaperture Association with the patronage of the Municipality of Ferrara, Emilia Romagna Region and Ministry of Culture and is open to photographers of all levels, whether amateurs or professionals, nationalities and ages who may submit a project that explores the theme “TRAVEL” in an original and creative way.


Images can be entered into two categories: SINGLE IMAGE and PHOTO PROJECT.


Applications must be received by April 20, 2022 at 23:59 CEST.


“SINGLE PHOTO” Category:

EUROS 15 – 1 photo EUROS 25 – max. 3 photos


EUROS 35 – min. 5 photos – max. 10 photos

Prizes will be awarded to the first three authors classified for each of the two categories.

The outcome of the selection of applications will be communicated by email by Sunday, May 8, 2022.

The winners will receive as a prize VOUCHERS SPENSABLE IN PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL and their works will be exhibited in a COLLECTIVE within the Official Circuit of the 6th Riaperture PhotoFestival Ferrara 2022 for the period from May 13th to 29th.

The works of the author 1st classified in the category “photographic project” will be composed and printed as an editorial product in the form of a magazine A5 format in 50 copies.


PROMOTER SUBJECT The promoter of the Contest is Riaperture APS, organizer of the Riaperture PhotoFestival Ferrara 2022.THEME OF THE CONTEST The purpose of the contest is to support, enhance and promote new paths and photographic stories. The theme of the sixth edition of the Photo Contest of Riaperture PhotoFestival Ferrara is: “TRAVEL”.How many times have we heard the phrase “Life is a journey”? (“Life is a journey and those who travel live twice” is the full aphorism of ʿUmar Khayyām).In 2022 Riaperture, for the sixth edition of its Festival of Photography, wants to talk about travel, in all its forms, means and possible declinations, whether they are real or imaginary: physical or emotional, outer or inner, in space, time or imaginative.We come from a long period in which physically moving from one place to another was at times discouraged, at times limited to necessity and at times forbidden for our own safety. In this gradual and, we hope, irreversible path towards the infamous recovery of normality, we would like to return fully to live the journey as an exercise in wonder in front of Nature, in a city or in contact with a people, without forgetting the introspective experience that distance has imposed on us.We’ve been traveling for months with our minds on the couch, reading a book, having a dream, looking out the window, walking on virtual streets inside a monitor with the eyes of Pegman (the little yellow man of Google Maps). Now we would like to extend this great story, expand our horizons and make new journeys by writing our logbook, sending postcards together with new travel companions.Travelling is a displacement, a movement made along a journey, in stages or all in one breath, fast or slow, with every possible means of transportation, from our legs to an interstellar space probe, to a purely psychological and introspective motion. Whether in the world or within ourselves, it always generates a change, a transformation or an evolution, a different way of seeing things, whether they are the same as in our daily lives or new discoveries. Traveling is observing, searching, understanding, tasting, listening, smelling, studying, confronting what is perceived as external to us, even in inner journeys. To experience the journey is to appropriate the unknown, transforming it into experience, stories, memories.During the journey, all kinds of connections are created, from neuronal to interpersonal ones, and with the spaces crossed and the means used. There is a different perception of time that seems to dilate: the mind is subjected to stimuli and the body has new sensations that tend to fix themselves, creating new memory especially if they are unfamiliar.Travel time does not coincide only with displacement, but is much longer. The journey begins with its plan, the itinerary, which is awaited until the eve of its beginning, arousing emotions and creating expectations; then comes the departure and the journey is a sequence of adventures and discoveries, sometimes choices to be improvised, sometimes confirmations of previous choices, the mind opens up and the body follows. Slowly, commonplaces are broken down and the return is not yet the end of the journey, which in fact never ends in memory. The return is the experience and how we treasure it in our time to come. “The true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes” wrote Marcel Proust.The theme of travel makes us reflect on globalization, on the opportunities of displacement, on the traceability of connections, on maps, on guides. It makes us reflect on the proportions of travel. It makes us reflect on the environmental impact of tourism or migration, on seasonality and how environmental conditions and climate change can affect the environment itself, on political decisions or simply on places and times. It asks us about the baggage we need to carry, made of personal affections, to survive, to adapt, but also of preparation and knowledge.Yes, life is a journey of seeking out landscapes, people and experiences, inside and outside of ourselves, to try and observe in new ways with curiosity, openness and flexibility. Whether it’s necessity or curiosity that drives people to take their own journey, at any age and in any place, it always serves to put us in different perspectives that can lead to reshaping the ending.And yes, traveling does take a lot of pictures, even with the heart.REGISTRATION AND PARTICIPATION Participation in the CONTEST is open to all: professional photographers, amateurs, emerging photographers, self-taught of any nationality. The CONTEST encourages the participation of artists of all levels without age limits.The participation fees are:“SINGLE PHOTO” Category:EUROS 15 – 1 photo EUROS 25 – max. 3 photos“PHOTO PROJECT” Category:EUROS 35 – min. 5 photos – max. 10 photosTo ENTRY to the CONTEST is necessary to:Fill out the ENTRY FORM directly on the site section CONTEST 2022 no later than Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 23:59 CEST sending the images via Wetransfer to Subject: PHOTO CONTEST RIAPERTURE 2022_NOME AND SURNAME AUTHOR_SINGLE SHOT OR PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECTYou can also send analog photos, printed at your own expense and sent to the following address: Riaperture c/o Giacomo Brini, via Ortigara 13, 44121 Ferrara (FE) by and no later than April 20, 2022, the postmark will attest.Payment of the registration fee, corresponding to the chosen category, which can be made in the following ways: Bank transfer:Account payable to Associazione Culturale RiapertureIBAN: IT75I0707213001061000198270 reason: “RIAPERTURE PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION 2022_NAME AND SURNAME AUTHOR_SINGLE SHOT OR PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECT”.The receipt of payment of the application fee should be sent to, causal: “RIAPERTURE PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION 2022_NAME AND SURNAME AUTHOR_SINGLE SHOT OR PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECT”.NB: it is recommended to use a single e-mail address for filling out the form, sending images, transmitting the receipt of payment; this is to facilitate the filing of applications.ADMITTED WORKS AND FORMAT Published or unpublished works are admitted, even if already exhibited in other events, taken in the last 3 years and related to the theme “TRAVEL”. Each author assumes responsibility and authorship.Guidelines valid for all sections:Both color and black and white photos are allowed. Post-production and photo-retouching are allowed Photo collages, diptychs or a combination of several photos on a single image are allowed, provided they have a narrative or documentary justification in the project and in the representation of the theme Photos with signatures, watermarks, frames or markings visible on the image are not allowed. Photos or images considered offensive, according to the sensibility and the unquestionable judgment of the jury, are not allowed. Technical specifications:.jpg format RGB color method Files must be less than 10 MB each Size: longest side not greater than 4000 pixels and not less than 1600 pixels Resolution: 300 dpi In the category “single photo” the images must be named with surname-number-title work for 1 photo or surname-number-title work for the submission of max 3 photos;In the category “photographic project”, to be sure that the order of the photos is correct, the photos must be named with last name-project title-numbering in the narrative sequence (e.g.: “Smith-projecttitel-01.jpg”, “Smith-Projecttitle-02.jpg”, etc.).JURY The jury is composed of Giacomo Brini, professional photographer, Artistic Director of the Riaperture PhotoFestival Ferrara and President of APS Riaperture, Azzurra Immediato, historian, art critic, communication consultant and curator, and the Steering Committee of the Riaperture Association who will cast their vote.SELECTED AND WINNERS All authors will be notified by e-mail of the completion of the jury’s work and the inclusion or not of their work(s) in the list of finalists (3 for each category).Subsequently, the names of the winners will be published on the website, on the Facebook page and Instagram @riaperturefe.PRIZES AND AWARD CEREMONY The winning works of the PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION (first, second and third prize in both categories) will be exhibited in a collective exhibition within the Official Circuit of Riaperture PhotoFestival Ferrara 2022 from 13 to 29 May 2022.The printing of the winning works (excluding those on film) is the responsibility of APS Riaperture.The winners will also receive the following prizes:RIAPERTURE PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION FERRARA 2022 “SINGLE PHOTO” prize:1st place: € 300 voucher spendable in photographic material 2nd place: € 200 voucher spendable in photographic material 3rd place: voucher of 100€ to spend on photographic material PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION RIAPERTURE PHOTOFESTIVAL FERRARA 2022 “PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECT” prize:1st place: € 400 voucher spendable in photographic material 2nd place: € 300 voucher to spend on photographic equipment 3rd place: € 200 voucher to be spent on photographic material. In addition, in order to further enhance and promote the work, dissemination and visibility, the 1st place in the category “photographic project” will receive an editorial product containing the works submitted composed and printed in the form of a magazine in A5 format in a number of 50 copies, 10 of which will be given to the author and the other 40 put on sale both in the Bookshop of the Festival, both on the site of Riaperture.The award ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2022.Prizes must be collected no later than September 30, 2022 at the partner activity indicated by email to the winners. Prizes not collected will be considered extinct and no longer payable in any way.RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE AUTHOR Each author is the owner of all rights to the originals, digital acquisitions and processing of photographs submitted and is personally responsible for the works submitted to the competition.Each participant declares that he/she is the sole author of the photos submitted and agrees to exclude any liability of the organizers of the COMPETITION towards third parties and any subjects depicted in the photographs. The author must inform any interested parties (persons portrayed) in the cases and in the manner provided for by the GDPR (EU Regulation No. 2016/679), as well as obtain consent to the dissemination of the same.If the photographs sent were not taken by the author and he/she is not the owner of all rights of economic use, he/she shall relieve and hold harmless the Association from any claim, including compensation for damages, that may be made by the author or the owner of such rights or by third parties having cause, as well as from all damages and expenses, including legal ones, resulting from alleged infringement of the rights of third parties for which he/she was responsible.Under no circumstances may the images submitted contain data that can be qualified as sensitive or infringe the rights of third parties.FACULTY OF EXCLUSION The organizers reserve the right to exclude from the COMPETITION and not to publish photos that do not comply in form and subject to what is indicated in these rules or to the commonly recognized rules of public morality, ethics and decency, for the protection of authors and visitors. Therefore, images considered offensive, improper and harmful to human and social rights will not be admitted.RELEASE FOR IMAGES The rights to the photographs remain the exclusive property of the author who produced them, but each author gives free non-exclusive rights to unlimited use of the images to the organization of the COMPETITION, which may publish and disseminate the images in magazines, newspapers, websites and social and / or any other media and advertising (digital or paper), provided that no profit, with the sole burden of citing the author of the photographs.The winning photos may be used by the association Riaperture for the dissemination (web and paper) of subsequent editions of the competition. Therefore, the materials sent at the time of registration will become part of the archives of the Riaperture Association and will not be returned.The Riaperture Association cannot be held responsible in any way for the use that third parties may make of the photographs downloaded from the sites of the same.ACCEPTANCE OF THE REGULATION AND ITS CONDITIONS Participation in the COMPETITION implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in this regulation. By registering for the COMPETITION, the author also declares that he/she owns the paternity and rights of use of the submitted image and any necessary releases. The author also accepts that his works will remain published on the site of the association Riaperture indefinitely.CHANGES TO THE REGULATION The organizers reserve the right to make changes to this regulation if aimed at a better realization of the contest. These changes will be promptly reported on the website OF THE COMPETITION In the presence of conditions that cannot guarantee the safety, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the COMPETITION, Riaperture Association reserves the right to cancel, suspend or postpone the COMPETITION itself by giving timely notice on the website The Riaperture Association is not responsible for any changes in the prizes offered by the partners.In case of cancellation or suspension of the COMPETITION, the Riaperture Association will not retain any rights to the photographs submitted and will return the registration fee paid.INFORMATION ON THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA Pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 and in relation to the information that will come into possession with the completion of the participation form COMPETITION, for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, we inform you that the data provided will be used exclusively for purposes related to participation in the COMPETITION and the conduct of RIAPERTURE PHOTOFESTIVAL FERRARA 2022. The processing of data is done through the use of tools and procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality and can be done both by paper and with the help of computer. The data provided, limited to name and surname, will be used to select and identify the authors of the photographs on the various occasions in which they will be exhibited or published and for communication activities related to the Competition and the Festival. The participant has the right to access the data concerning him/her and to exercise all the rights of integration, rectification, cancellation, etc. in accordance with Articles 15 to 22 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679.The provision of data and consent to its processing are necessary conditions for participation in the COMPETITION.The owner of the processing of personal data is Riaperture APS Via Ortigara 13, 44121 Ferrara receive more information you can send an email to:

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