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Photographer of the Month

We are now accepting submissions for the next OCTOBER 2023 edition

This Month:


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It’s a collection of uncanny images dissolving into the next with the faintest of story threads holding them all together. Unbothered by logic, place, or time. Provoking feelings of discomfort, marvel, and most of all confusion. What exactly is all this about? A strange, odd, peculiar, and absurd dreamlike depiction that is short of any answers. Allowing a free flow of thoughts. The images are purposely disorienting, to remove logic from reality. It’s a way to see things under a different light, the flows in our system we fail to recognize. I use dream logic to blur the lines between contradictions: past, present, living, dead, waking, and sleeping. Where the familiar can become distorted and turn into the uncanny. This is an attempt to think about the concept of perceiving what is visible and what is not.

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We are not accepting submissions for the OCTOBER 2023 edition

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