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World Press Photo 2024 Contest

World Press Photo

• Deadline: 11th January, 2024

Theme: Photojournalism

Prize: €1,000 + Exposure

• Entry Fees: Free


The impact of winning photographs and stories reaches millions globally, often exposing them to a broader audience for the first time. As a global platform, there is a responsibility to showcase the most accurate and compelling work, presenting a well-balanced selection of stories from around the world. Achieving this goal involves adhering to specific rules and assembling a highly qualified and diverse jury.

To ensure a fair and transparent entry and judging process, it is imperative that every participant thoroughly reviews and agrees to the entry rules when submitting their entry. These rules delineate who is eligible to enter the contest and the types of entries that are accepted.

Outlined below are the general entry rules, along with information about the categories, code of ethics, entry procedures, technical specifications, judging procedures, and the verification process, including rules regarding image manipulation. For more in-depth information about each of these elements, please refer to the provided links.


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