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Travel Tales Award 2024 - Call for Entries

• Travel Tales Award

• Deadline: May 31st, 2024

• Prize: 2 Exhibitions in Italy + Publications

• Category: Travel Photography

• Entry Fees: Yes


Travel Tales Award 2024 - Call for Entries

TTA – Travel Tales Award invites photographers to submit their projects for consideration from March 4 to June 10, 2024. Entries require a simple registration and a participation fee of 30 Euros per story or series. Concurrently, there's a call for single images on Instagram: just post a photo with the hashtag #TTA2024 before May 31, 2024, to be considered for the TRAVELGRAM exhibitions in Colorno and Corigliano, and for potential publication on partner web channels and in Touring magazine.

Participants in the TTA Award may submit one or more portfolios or stories, each accompanied by images and a synopsis. Entries can be authentic travel journals, narratives complementing the images, or thematic portfolio series that elucidate the essence of the journey, human experiences, life lessons, or the allure of places and companions. This year, there's an opportunity to participate with Syntographic stories, created using AI software, for the new Imaginary Tales section.

The submissions, both single shots on IG and portfolios/stories on the TTA website, will undergo selection by a panel of experts including renowned photographers, journalists, editors, and festival directors. After the call closes, 50 portfolios and travel stories, chosen for their beauty, evocative power, vision depth, and photographic language, will be announced by July 31. Additionally, 10 Syntographic stories from the Imaginary Tales section will be selected for a dedicated editorial project.

From the multitude of images tagged with #TTA2024 on IG, 100 finalist photos will be selected, from which 50 authors will be invited to the TRAVELGRAM exhibitions. The winners can expect various opportunities such as a solo exhibition at Otto Gallery in 2025, portfolio features in Il Fotografo magazine, publication of selected stories on partner channels, and inclusion of single pictures in Touring magazine or the TRAVELGRAM exhibitions. Further activities include an exhibition of the top ten projects in November 2024 at OTTO Rooms & Photogallery in Rome, publication of the book TRAVEL TALES IV featuring 15-20 authors, the book IMAGINARY TALES showcasing ten AI Syntographic stories, and numerous awards.


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