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Swiss Storytelling International Photography Grant

Lugano Photo Days

• Deadline: November 30th 2023

• Prize: CHF 3,000

• Theme: Storytelling

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The LuganoAward photo contest is undergoing a transformation and is now reborn as the Swiss Storytelling Photo Grant for its highly anticipated ninth edition. This evolution signifies a new chapter in the competition's history, one that emphasizes the power of visual storytelling through photography.

In this latest iteration, participants are encouraged to submit a series of photographs, comprising 6 to 12 images, all interconnected by a central theme or project – a photographic story that captivates and informs. The overarching theme for this edition is "Storytelling," encompassing a wide range of photographic genres such as reportage, documentary, wildlife conservation, and environmental photography, among others. This theme opens the door for photographers to explore diverse narratives and engage with various aspects of the human experience and the natural world.

The judging panel for the Swiss Storytelling Photo Grant comprises esteemed individuals with significant expertise in the field of photography. The jurors include Lars Boering, the Director of the European Journalism Centre based in the Netherlands, bringing a wealth of knowledge about visual storytelling and its role in journalism. Maika Elan, a respected photographer and photo editor from Vietnam, contributes her unique perspective on storytelling through the lens. Lastly, Arturo Rodríguez, a talented photographer hailing from Spain, lends his artistic insight to the panel, adding to the international dimension of the competition.

Photographers who participate in this edition have the opportunity to vie for a prestigious prize – a cash award of CHF 3000.-. This substantial prize not only recognizes the dedication and creativity of the winning photographer but also provides financial support that can further nurture their storytelling endeavors.

The Swiss Storytelling Photo Grant represents a platform where visual narratives come to life, where stories are told, and where the art of photography takes on a deeper meaning. It encourages photographers to explore and document the world around them, shedding light on vital issues, inspiring change, and connecting with audiences on a profound level.

As the ninth edition of this remarkable competition unfolds under its new identity, it continues to champion the art of visual storytelling and celebrates the photographers who dare to tell stories that matter. Join us in this exciting journey of discovery and storytelling through the captivating medium of photography.


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