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Swiss Photo Club International Photo Awards

Swiss Photo Club

• Deadline: March 26th, 2024

• Prize: Exhibition in Berlin + 300€ Worth Prize

• Theme: Open

• Entry Fee: Yes


Swiss Photo Club International Photo Awards

The highly anticipated return of the esteemed SPC PHOTO AWARDS is imminent, and this time, it's making its grand appearance in the heart of Berlin at a brand-new, ultra-central, and contemporary venue.

Embrace the excitement of this captivating photography competition by effortlessly submitting your finest photographic masterpieces. Watch as your creations come to life, printed and proudly displayed within the captivating ambiance of feldfünf.

Every submission holds the promise of recognition, as all submitted photos will be meticulously printed and showcased during the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition hold the power to shape the destiny of the competition through their votes, determining which images will emerge victorious.

Prepare to be dazzled by the array of fantastic prizes awaiting our esteemed winners, promising not only recognition but also tangible rewards for their exceptional talents.

Who is eligible to participate, you ask? The answer is simple: everyone! Whether you're a budding enthusiast, a seasoned amateur, or a seasoned professional, this competition welcomes individuals from all walks of life and skill levels. After all, everyone deserves the opportunity to shine and showcase their finest works of art. Let your creativity flourish and seize this chance to share your photographic brilliance with the world.


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