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Stern Preis 2024 – Photo Story of the Year

Stern Preis

• Deadline: 5th January, 2024

Theme: Photojournalism

Prize: Exposure

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

STERN-Preis 2024 – Photo Story of the Year is a distinguished accolade recognizing outstanding photojournalistic work featured in German-language media throughout 2023. This award specifically honors a photo series that adeptly captures a major event of the year or a significant facet of our social fabric. The selected photo series must not only demonstrate exceptional journalistic merit but also possess a compelling visual impact.

Eligibility for submission is open to all individuals who have published a photo story, comprising a minimum of five images, in a journalistic German-language medium—be it a newspaper, magazine, or website—during the year 2023. The STERN-Preis aims to celebrate and showcase the storytelling prowess of photographers whose work not only informs but resonates visually, providing a unique perspective on pivotal events or aspects of societal life during the given year.


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