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Rovinj Photodays

Rovinj Photodays 2023 Photo Competition

• Deadline: February 28th, 2022⁠

• Prize: 2000€ + Exhibition

• Category: Contemporary Photography

• Entry Fees: 15


The largest and most comprehensive photo festival in Southeast Europe is Rovinj Photodays. Numerous important sponsors and cultural institutions all lend their support to this year-round endeavor. Livingstone Association and Astoria d.o.o. started the festival in 2008. It has an annual contest, traveling exhibitions throughout the year in collaboration with galleries and cultural institutions, and a festival finale in Rovinj in May.

A number of workshops, lectures, portfolio presentations, and exhibitions are part of the grand finale in Rovinj, the most romantic city in the Mediterranean. International photographers and photographers from the entire region attended. There are a lot of people who come to the festival, and contestants come from all of the countries that are nearby. The official program previously included exhibitions by international and Croatian photography masters.

The festival gives photographers a good place to network and show off their work, as well as the chance to talk about past experiences and learn new things. The chance to participate in the group traveling exhibition is awarded to each and every one of the annual contest's finalists.

The festival features a welcoming atmosphere, numerous free-participation and free-entry features, the opportunity to visit a variety of indoor and outdoor exhibitions, participation in award photo routes, and numerous other reasons to visit and mingle with photography enthusiasts from all over the region.

On December 15, 2022, the entire international photography community will be invited to participate in the sixteenth edition of the Rovinj Photodays contest, which will be called:

Up until the middle of February 2023, you can enter the competition. In April 2023, the winners and finalists in all categories will be announced.

The winner of the Grand Prix will receive their prize and a check for 2,000 Euros at the grand finale dinner in Rovinj on May 6, 2023.


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