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ProfiFoto + Canon - New Talent Award 2024

• ProfiCanon • Deadline: 31st January, 2024

Theme: Open

Prize: 3.000 Eur

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

With the backing of the ProfiFoto NEW TALENT AWARD powered by Canon, aspiring photographers have the opportunity to transform the "images in their heads" into tangible reality. The emphasis is not on completed works centered around a specific theme, but rather on image ideas that spark curiosity and leave room for more. All winning projects will be featured in the esteemed professional magazine ProfiFoto and showcased in a collective exhibition.

Applicants are required to submit the following documents: an informal description or concept of the project (limited to 2,000 characters), along with five to a maximum of ten photos serving as work samples. Award-winning photo projects must be finalized within eight weeks of the jury's decision, with exceptions possible only after consultation with the organizer.

To register directly, click here.

Regarding prizes, a panel of experts twice a year selects five outstanding photo projects. Furthermore, from a total of ten winning works in the two competition sections, the jury identifies the three best works annually. The recipients of these accolades will be awarded cash prizes totaling 3,000 euros (1st place: 1,500 euros, 2nd place: 1,000 euros, 3rd place: 500 euros). All awarded works will be published in ProfiFoto and featured in group exhibitions.

The judging process involves a preliminary selection by the jury based on the online gallery, prompting nominated participants to submit prints for the final round.

Crucial considerations for participants include the necessity of possessing all rights to the submitted images. By registering online, participants affirm that they are the sole authors of the submitted concepts, have unrestricted control over the works and existing usage rights, and that the images are free from third-party rights. The organizers retain the right to reject entries breaching ethical or moral standards. The submitted concepts and resulting works may be used to showcase the competition and its journalistic evaluation, with the organizers having the right to exhibit the selected projects and use them free of charge for journalistic reporting. The organizer will retain a complete series of original photographs from the photo project for archival or exhibition purposes.

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