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Prix Viviane Esders Edition 2024 - Call for Photographers with over 40 Years Experience

Prix Viviane Esders

• Deadline: April 29th 2024

• Prize: €60,000 + Exhibition in France

• Category: Over 40 Years Experience

• Entry Fee: Free


Prix Viviane Esders Edition 2024 - Call for Photographers with over 40 Years Experience

After over four decades in the art market as a gallery owner, photography expert, and collector, Viviane Esders established the Prix Viviane Esders.

The Prix Viviane Esders honors photographers with a 40-year career distinguished by a distinctive personal style and artistic approach. It prioritizes entries that demonstrate a questioning perspective on the image, a unique non-documentary reflection, and a strong commitment. The €60,000 prize (€50,000 for the winner and €5,000 for each of the two runners-up) is specially designed to offer financial support to photographers in need.

A jury composed of five personalities from the art world, including Viviane Esders, will select the winner from five nominated photographers. This extraordinary grant celebrates the continuity of a career and encourages collaboration. The winner is required to allocate €10,000 of the grant toward the production of a book.

The Prix Viviane Esders aims to showcase the vision and life journey of photographers, artists whose medium has been a constant source of inspiration for Viviane Esders since the 1980s. This award represents the coming together of two complementary life paths: that of its founder, devoted to understanding, appreciating, and exhibiting photographers, and that of a photographer, dedicated to creation with the hope of producing a work of art.

Falling under the programs developed by the endowment fund established by Viviane Esders, this prize continues the founder's contribution to photography, fosters a collection of nearly 600 unique pieces resulting from significant encounters, and extends initiatives of transmission and sharing centered around Viviane Esders' love for photography. Following the awards to Mario Carnicelli in 2022 and Pierre de Vallombreuse in 2023, the winner of this year will be chosen from three nominees by a distinguished jury. The recipient will receive an endowment of €50,000, while each of the two finalists will be granted €5,000. The call for entries for the third edition is open from January 22 to April 29, 2024.


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