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Premio Internacional Luis Valtueña

Luis Valtueña Humanitarian Photo Award

• Deadline: October 31st, 2022⁠

• Prize: €6,000 + Exhibition

• Theme: Photojournalism

• Entry Fees: Free


Médicos del Mundo Spain announces the 26th Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award, aimed at recognizing and disseminating the best images that singularly demonstrate social inequities, injustices, and/or human rights abuses, or the situations that either foster or fight them.

By giving this competition the name of the photographer and international aid worker Luis Valtueña, we pay tribute to his memory and the other three humanitarian aid workers of the association murdered in Rwanda (1997) and Bosnia (1995) out their duties. It is also our wish to highlight the human values they represent.

The submitted images must narrate a story related to one of these topics: health, natural disasters, humanitarian action, international cooperation, social exclusion, violation of human rights, armed conflicts, vulnerable groups, refugee and/or migrant populations.

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