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Polycopies & Co.

• Polycopies - Call For Projects

• Deadline: May 1st, 2023

• Prize: €10,000 Financial Contribution

• Category: Photo Books

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The preamble of the article states that the Polycopies & Co. association was founded in 2022 with the aim of uniting collectors and fans of photography books. The association is interested in the future of photography publications and seeks to promote and support photographers by providing one or more grants each year. These grants are intended to assist photographers in producing a book or contributing financially to a photography project that will result in the publication of a book.

The purpose of the grant, as stated in Article 2, is to promote the work and photographic practices of a professional photographer by providing financial support for the production of a published work. The grant is designed to encourage and showcase the photographic work of the selected photographer. The amount of the grant will be determined each year by the administrative board, based on the association's financial resources. Polycopies & Co. may award more than one grant per year.

Article 3 outlines the commitments of the association. The association will award a grant of €2,500, €5,000, or €10,000 to a photographer for a book project or offer a financial contribution to a project whose primary output will be a book. To be eligible, applicants must be professional photographers from France or abroad, and the book project must be proposed by the photographer, who must have an agreement with a publisher. If selected, the association will pay the grant to the photographer upon signing a book contract with a publisher or in January following the jury's decision for projects in progress.

Article 4 describes the application process. Each applicant must submit their application in one PDF document with the required information, including a CV, a short biography, a portfolio of photographs, a statement of intent by the photographer, a letter of intent from the publisher (if applicable), and a provisional budget. Applications can be sent throughout the year in PDF format only, with a maximum file size of 50 MB. The applications will be assessed every trimester, and successful applicants will be contacted by a member of the association.

Article 5 outlines the conditions of the grant. The selected photographer must undertake a book project or a photography project within two years of receiving the grant and ensure that the contract stipulates that any publication and communication relating to the project includes the phrase "This project received a Polycopies & Co. publishing support grant." They must also reserve a limited number of copies of the project for the association's benefactor members and authorize the association to reproduce two photographs for promotional purposes for five years following the grant's awarding.

Article 6 describes the jury, which will be composed of members of the association, photography experts, and professionals appointed by the committee or administrative board. The jury's decision will be made by a majority vote following deliberations, and the decision is final.


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