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Photographic Resource Center Boston / Exposure 2024

Photographic Resource Center Boston

• Deadline: May 15th, 2024

• Prize: $1000 + Exhibition + Exposure

• Theme: Open

• Entry Fees: Yes


Photographic Resource Center Boston / Exposure 2024

The 28th annual PRC Members juried exhibition stands as a testament to the enduring support of member photographers, a tradition that has thrived since its inception in 1996. Throughout its history, Exposure has served as a platform for over 500 photographers, both seasoned professionals and burgeoning talents, to showcase their work to a wide audience. It's a celebration of the diverse perspectives and artistic visions within the photographic community.

Each year, a distinguished figure from the photographic world, whether a curator, gallerist, or publisher, is invited to curate the exhibition, carefully selecting between 10 to 15 artists whose works exemplify excellence and innovation. This curated approach allows for a deeper exploration of each artist's portfolio, with the juror choosing between 2 and 4 pieces per artist. It's a departure from the typical juried show format, providing a more immersive experience for both artists and viewers alike.

Exposure welcomes photographers working across a broad spectrum of styles and techniques, embracing both traditional and non-traditional approaches to the medium. This inclusivity encourages creativity and experimentation, fostering a vibrant and dynamic showcase of contemporary photography.

In 2021, as Exposure marked its 25th anniversary, a new initiative was introduced to further support the photography community: an annual awards program. This program, initiated by the PRC Board of Directors, Creative Director, and exhibition Juror, aims to recognize outstanding contributions to the exhibition and the broader photographic landscape. Three exhibiting artists are selected each year to receive the prestigious PRC Choice Awards, accompanied by a total award amount of $1000. It's a testament to the ongoing commitment to championing and celebrating excellence in photography.


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