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Mutant Photography Grant

• Mutant

• Deadline: November 18th 2023

• Prize: 800€ + Exhibition in Munich

• Category: Contemporary Photography

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

MUTANT, hailing from the vibrant tech hub of Munich, Germany, is a pioneering tech start-up with a profound passion for simplifying the management and transmission of multimedia files. Our diverse array of innovative tools serves a crucial niche in the digital landscape, and one such gem is our visually captivating rendition of Wetransfer, which is tailored specifically for images. This unique platform empowers users to effortlessly dispatch hundreds of high-resolution images to their intended recipients via an artful 'contact sheet' presentation, effectively elevating the experience of sharing cherished memories captured in even higher resolution. In essence, we are dedicated to crafting ingenious software solutions for the discerning creatives and power users of the world, and photographers hold a special place in our hearts as a demographic we ardently cater to. It is with this unwavering commitment in mind that we introduce the Mutant grant, an initiative designed to champion both emerging talents and established photographers by offering vital financial support to ignite new projects or sustain ongoing creative endeavors. As part of our endeavor, we invite submissions from passionate photographers, and from this inspiring pool of talent, we shall select a single, exceptional recipient who will be bestowed with the Mutant grant—a well-deserved accolade and financial boost. However, our support doesn't end there. The top ten submissions, characterized by their outstanding vision and creativity, will also have the opportunity to bask in the spotlight. These selected works will be artfully displayed in a prestigious 4-week exhibition hosted at the AMARi Bar, intricately linked with the Kunstlabor 2 building in Munich. This location, rapidly becoming a coveted destination for art exhibitions, graffiti art, and creative minds, shall serve as the perfect backdrop to showcase the talents of these ten remarkable photographers, celebrating their vision and enriching the artistic landscape.


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