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• MESNOGRAPHIES - Call for Applications •


• Deadline: February 3rd, 2022⁠ •

• Prize: Exhibition + Exposure⁠⁠⁠ ⁠•

• Theme: Portrait Photography •

• Entry Fees: FREE

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities


Les Mesnographies is the first free outdoor photography festival in Yvelines.

For many of us, the series of confinements was an opportunity to rediscover this territory, to sometimes understand for the first time the meaning of what a municipality or a department is.

A kilometer around your home, ten or thirty, rediscovering the world without leaving your home, re-enchanting it too, this is what has fueled the desire to set up this festival over the months.

Through Les Mesnographies, we want to bring color and diversity to our environment.

First in the literal sense of the term, through a photographic walk open to all. But also, then by bringing reflection and depth.

Seeking the gaze of photographers from all over the world means better understanding the world around us. Crossing their different visions, their singular approaches, is enriching, learning. And to understand each other better is to tolerate the other, the difference. Each year different nationalities will coexist in the Parc des Mesnuls for 3 weeks, sharing with us their perspectives, their dreams, their hopes, and promoting fruitful exchanges.


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