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Magnum Photos / Submission Process for Prospective Nominees 2024

Magnum Photos

• Deadline: June 4th, 2024

• Prize: Become a Member of the Agency

• Category: Documentary Photography

• Entry Fees: Free


Magnum Photos / Submission Process for Prospective Nominees 2024

Magnum Photos stands as a unique cooperative agency, owned and operated by its member photographers, with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1947. The agency's membership is exclusive, with only around 100 photographers ever achieving full membership status.

To become a full member of Magnum Photos, photographers must undergo a rigorous four-year process, progressing through three stages: Nominee, Associate, and finally, full Member. This journey begins with the submission of a photography portfolio, typically consisting of two separate projects, each containing up to 30 images per project. These submissions are reviewed annually during Magnum's Annual General Meeting in June, where a dedicated day is allocated for considering and voting on potential new Nominee members' portfolios.

The submission process for prospective Nominees commences with the digital submission of portfolios, along with insights about the photographer and the selected projects. While Magnum welcomes applications from around the world, applicants are asked to indicate their nearest Magnum office, situated in New York, Paris, or London.

Portfolios demonstrating promise in the initial review round are presented to all full Members of Magnum for evaluation. Members engage in discussions and critiques of the submitted works, ultimately deciding, by a simple majority vote, whether to extend an invitation to join. Successful applicants are notified by telephone or email by the end of June.

Magnum Photos seeks prospective Nominees with solid photographic skills and a strong storytelling ability. Successful Nominees exhibit a clear and robust visual language, along with an open-minded and versatile practice. While individuality and independence are valued, embracing community and collaboration is equally vital, reflecting Magnum's cooperative nature. Familiarity with Magnum's history and standards, including its stance on digital manipulation and AI, is essential.

Prospective nominees are encouraged to bring a unique perspective to the agency, whether through geography, narrative, or background. Magnum values new points of view and seeks photographers who are passionate about authentic visual storytelling and committed to capturing the world with integrity. Nominees are expected to uphold strong personal ethics while challenging conventions and pushing boundaries.

Successful Nominees are invited to become members of Magnum, entering a two-year period of Nominee membership, during which they have the opportunity to interact with the agency and its members. Following this period, Nominee members may apply for Associate membership, and after an additional two years, they may apply for full membership. Full membership confers a lifelong association with Magnum, allowing photographers to continue their journey within the agency for as long as they choose.


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