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Korridor – Innsbrucker Preis für Dokumentarfotografie

Tyrolean street paper 20er and the City of Innsbruck

• Deadline: April 25th, 2022⁠

• Prize: 3.500 Euros + Exhibition

• Theme: Documentary / Reportage

• Entry Fees: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities


In 2022 the Tyrolean street paper 20er and the City of Innsbruck are jointly issuing a new award for documentary photography: “Korridor – Innsbrucker Preis für Dokumentarfotografie”. It will honor a project documenting the situation of refugees within the EU or its (political) outskirts. The chosen name Korridor (Engl.: corridor) reflects both on the difficult situation of refugees and our responsibilities as a civil society – as well as it is a reminder that documentary photography can often be one of the few pathways to people and places, we otherwise might not be able to see or even begin to understand. The organizers are looking forward to receiving works with a unique perspective on one of the most pressing issues of our time. What winners receive

  • The winner receives a cash prize of 3.500 Euros, awarded at Innsbruck’s traditional “Fest der Vielfalt” (party of diversity) on June 25. The selection will be announced throughout different city media, in the street paper 20er and via an international press release, as well as through the international street paper network INSP with the chance to reach a global audience.

  • With agreement of the winner the selected project will be shown in the June issue of the Tyrolean street paper 20er – alongside a big written portrait about the artist. This portrait could be offered for republishing through the global street paper network INSP as well, thus creating awareness internationally.

  • In fall 2022 the selected work will be shown at a single exhibition in Innsbruck, produced at the expense of the street paper 20er and the City of Innsbruck – but curated in close accordance with the photographer. To the opening the winner and all jury members will be invited, travel and accommodation costs are covered on a fair basis.

About the organizer "Korridor - Innsbrucker Preis für Dokumentarfotografie" is organized and awarded by the Tyrolean street paper 20er and the City of Innsbruck. About the Tyrolean street paper 20er: 20er is one of the oldest street papers in Europe. It has been issued for more than two decades now and is a member of the global street paper network INSP alongside such highquality publications as The Big Issue (UK, Australia) or Surprise (Switzerland). 20er is proud to be recognized as an important source of independent and highquality journalism within a nearly monopolistic regional media market – whilst staying true to being a truly social medium: Half of the proceeds go to its colporteurs from socially and economically very difficult backgrounds, like migrants with no official working rights or homeless persons. Since a big relaunch in 2020 the paper has been focusing more and more on design and photography, within its modest means – since it doesn't receive any public funding at all.


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