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International Landscape Photographer of the Year

International Landscape Photographer of the Year

• Deadline: November 15th 2023

• Prize: $10,000 + Exposure

• Category: Landscape Photography

• Entry Fee: Yes


The world is in a state of constant evolution! With advancements in camera technology, software capabilities, and the ever-rising standards of landscape photography, one can only imagine the breathtaking landscapes that will grace our tenth International Landscape Photographer of the Year awards.

Now, let's address the topic that's on everyone's minds - the role of AI-generated photographs and content. While some photography competitions embrace AI-generated images, our competition takes a different stance. To us, a fundamental aspect of landscape photography is the ability to seek out and capture the scene firsthand or conceive and create it through your own vision and skill.

Our competition centers around photographs created by you, inspired by your own creativity and experiences, not by software working independently. While minor AI retouching, such as noise reduction or light editing, is permissible as long as it doesn't generate new content, the use of AI to create entirely new elements or scenes is not allowed.

For example, you can employ AI to retouch small foreground elements, like rocks, and seamlessly blend them with their surroundings, much like using the healing or clone stamp tool. However, using AI to replace those rocks with a pond or rose bushes is not permitted. Of course, if you capture images of a pond or rose bushes with your camera and then incorporate them into your photograph, that's perfectly acceptable because the content originates from you, not AI.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards, and our primary goal remains unchanged - to feature the Top 101 landscape photographs of the year. This coveted recognition earns you a spot in our exclusive online publication, which is also available for purchase as a printed hardcover book, proudly produced by Momento Pro in Australia, with options for international readers.

We're offering a total of US$10,000 in cash prizes, printed copies of the book from Momento Pro for the major prize winners, NiSi filter outfits, tripods, and five special subject prizes with stunning prints from Created For Life!

So, how can you join the competition? Your mission is to impress our five esteemed judges, including last year's winner, Benjamin Briones Grandi. The entry process is straightforward: resize your image to 4000-5000 pixels on the longest side, save it as a JPEG, and upload it. The entry fee remains at US$25 per image, and if you submit by November 8, 2023, every fifth entry is free. The final deadline for entries is November 15, 2023.

When the competition concludes, our judges will meticulously assess each photograph using calibrated monitors, assigning a score out of 100. They have the capability to scrutinize every entry pixel by pixel on their monitors if necessary, often doing so before awarding higher scores. In this evaluation, technical skill and craftsmanship are just as crucial as creativity when vying for top honors.

Following the initial judging round, approximately the top 115 photos are selected and reviewed to ensure compliance with the rules (such as not taken before January 1, 2019) and to promote diversity by limiting the number of photographs from a single entrant to no more than four. This ensures a fair distribution of opportunities. Selecting this initial group allows us to arrive at the final Top 101, accounting for these considerations. We then proceed to the next judging phase, as outlined in our rules. Judges are engaged once again to determine the Photographer of the Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd), Photograph of the Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and the recipients of five special subject awards. This may involve two or even three rounds of scoring and commentary before the judges reach their ultimate decision.

We hope you enjoy preparing your entries for our special tenth Awards, and we wish you the best of luck!


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