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Fotografia Calabria Festival Award 2024 

Fotografia Calabria Festival

• Deadline: May 19th, 2024

• Prize: 3,000 EUR + Exhibition in Italy

• Theme: Family Portraits

• Entry Fees: Yes


Black Box Gallery - Trees and Water

Welcome to the photo contest dedicated to "Fotografia di famiglie" (Families portrait), a chance to celebrate and appreciate how photography has the power of storytelling our day to day lives. Families are the beating heart of society and, through the lenses of our photographic devices, we can catch precious moments, real emotions and unique stories. Photography is more than simply a shot; it is a means through which we can preserve memories, freeze unrepeatable moments and tell stories that otherwise could be forgotten in the vertigo of everyday life. Every family photo is a precious, a cut of personal history that transcends time and age. 

This competition aims to identify those photographic works capable to catch the inner essence of families, revealing their uniqueness, their vitality and their intimacy. It’s not just about perfect portraits or flawless arrangements, but images that can convey authenticity and emotion. We invite all participants to explore and narrate family stories, showing the beauty in ordinary moments, the strength in emotional ties, the commitment that requires living often within difficult situations. Whether it’s a simple gesture, a spontaneous laugh, an intimate or painful moment, each photo has the power to reveal the richness and the contradictions of family relationships.

Within this context, photography becomes a tool of conservation and communication of precious memories, a bridge connecting the past to the present and the present to the future. Your images are not only photographs, but authentic testimonies of life able to inspire, move and leave an imprint in those who observe them. 

Submitted works can encompass both traditional and experimental approaches to photography. Therefore, we invite you to share your family photographs with us.

Good luck to all participants.   


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