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Exibart Prize


• Deadline: December 31st, 2022

• Prize: 10,000 EUR + Exhibition

• Category: Multiple Disciplines

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

Exibart prize is a prize dedicated to art and all its forms and variations. Specifically, the categories allowed are: illustration, drawing, painting, graphic, digital art, performance, sound art, photography, sculpture. In general, all other categories of art not explicitly mentioned above are also allowed.

Art. 1 – PURPOSE

  • The competition is aimed towards the promotion of Italian and international contemporary art. The prize will not go to a work in competition but has been designed to be dedicated to the artist. So the entire page will be evaluated, including the artworks, biography and any video contributions.


  • The prize is open to all genres of artists and is not limited to a specific age or qualification

  • The prize does not require that the works in competition be new, nor that the work follows a specific style or predefined subject


The selection process will be carried out in three phases:

  • Phase one, in which the jury, composed of members of the editorial board of exibart, select the finalists

  • Phase two, in which the previously selected artists by the board will be published on the digital catalogue of exibart edizioni

  • Phase three, in which a selection of new jurors will determine the winner of the prize

  • The first 10 artists selected for the final classification (Excluding the winner who is not allowed to participate again in the award) will have the right to directly access the finale of the following year through a free invitation.


Winner of the exibart prize 2022/23

  • 10,000.00 Euros in cash for the acquisition of one or more works by the artist chosen by the artist himself at his sole discretion. A withholding tax will be applied to the prize as required by law.

  • 5,000.00 Euros in the form of the adv bonus, which the artist can use without any deadline, to promote their exhibitions and / or events, using any media platform of the exibart publishing group

  • The prize specifically created by the artist who won the pre-printed edition, certified and hand signed by the artist

  • The work acquired by exibart will be used to create a cover of the exibart onpaper magazine with an article and an interview dedicated to the winning artist

  • The artist will have the right to be published in the book “222 emerging artists to invest in” published periodically by exibart.edizioni

  • The artist will be published in the general catalog of the prize which will contain the finalist artists selected by the editorial staff of exibart

  • The artist will be asked to participate in the production of the exibart stand at the Artissima 2023 fair

  • The winner will be awarded the title of exibart ambassador maintaining indefinitely a dialogue and a privileged relationship with the exibart group

  • The winner will be asked to create and sign the prize that will be given to the winning artist of the next edition

  • An exibart cover will be dedicated to the artist through the publication of one of his works

  • For the top three finalists, exibart will produce an artist multiple that will be marketed on supermartek

  • All 10 finalists will have the right to be published in the catalog “222 emerging artists to invest in” (if in compliance with the age limits established by the publication)


The registrations for the exibart prize 2022/23 are authorized until 23.59.59 of the 31st December, 2022. Works can be uploaded until 23.59.59 of the 20th January, 2023. Until the 30th of February 2023, the digital catalogue of the exibart prize including all the finalists will be published. The expert jury will announce the winner of the exibart prize 2022/23 until the 30th of March 2023.


  • Online membership. The inclusion of the candidate’s work, texts, captions, fee payment, etc. takes place within the personal account on the site

  • The cost for participation in the exibart prize 2022/23 is € 80+ VAT.

  • For all students of academies and art schools, the registration fee is € 50 + VAT. In this case it is necessary to specify the school you are attending so that this can be verified by the award secretariat.

  • exibart reserves the right to change, at its sole discretion, the cost of registering the prize in progress and to be able to apply different prices for different categories of subscribers. Furthermore, if it deems it appropriate, it reserves the right to postpone the closing date of the prize.


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