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European Photography Awards

EPA Prize 2022

• Deadline: August 8th, 2022⁠

• Prize: €3000 + Exposure

• Theme: Several Categories

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

The European Photography Awards welcome photographers from worldwide nations ready to hone their photography skills and their extraordinary takes on diversity, whilst portraying the majestic cultures passed down for generations.

Recognising exquisite and artistic content, the awards honours vast arrays of genres in the photographic medium, extending the reaches of your talents all across the globe. No matter your status in the industry, your visualisations of the world and all it encases are what the awards celebrates. Unearth limitless possibilities while embarking on an outlandish voyage across the vast continent pieced together by countless diverse countries, where they combine to form a grandeur landmass.

Similarly, your memories are fabricated through different pieces, as you forge your personal collection of reminiscence. With each photograph you capture, your bonds with your memory strengthens, until you ultimately link them to create a future vision of collective remembrance, and that is the direction the awards plans on acknowledging.


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