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CVCEPHOTO / International Mountain Photo Contest


• Deadline: March 31st, 2024

• Prize: 1,400€ + Exposure

• Theme: Mountain Activities

• Entry Fees: Free


CVCEPHOTO / International Mountain Photo Contest

CVCEPHOTO stands as a prestigious international photo contest meticulously orchestrated by the esteemed Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, a distinguished mountaineering club deeply rooted in the picturesque environs of San Sebastian.

This captivating competition offers a platform for photographers worldwide to showcase their talent and passion through the lens of sport activities unfolding amidst the majestic beauty of mountains. Participants are invited to share their vision and capture the essence of non-motorized sports that grace the rugged terrains, be it the thrill of alpinism, the vertical ascent of climbing, the graceful descent of ski slopes, the enduring journey of trekking, the exploration of subterranean realms in speleology, or the exhilarating freedom of paragliding.

With the opportunity to submit up to three captivating photographs, entrants are encouraged to encapsulate the essence of these mountainous pursuits, immortalizing moments of exhilaration, determination, and sheer awe that define the spirit of these activities. As the shutter clicks, participants embark on a visual odyssey, transporting viewers to the heart of nature's grandeur and the human spirit's indomitable quest for adventure and exploration.


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