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Canon Female Photojournalist Grant

• Canon

• Deadline: May 17th 2023

• Prize: $8000 + Exposure + Exhibition

• Category: Female Photojournalists

• Entry Fee: Free

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

For the twenty-third consecutive year, Canon and Visa pour l'Image have joined forces to present the highly coveted Canon Female Photojournalist Grant to a deserving photographer who has made a significant impact in the field of photojournalism. This prestigious award recognizes exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication to telling important stories through the power of photography.

The 2023 recipient of the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant will be selected from a pool of highly qualified candidates and will receive a prize of €8,000 to support her project. The winner will be chosen based on her unique perspective, technical skill, and ability to capture powerful images that tell compelling stories.

The Canon Female Photojournalist Grant serves as a platform to showcase the work of women in the field of photojournalism and to promote their voices and perspectives. This initiative has helped to break down barriers and overcome challenges that have historically made it difficult for women to succeed in this male-dominated field. By recognizing the exceptional work of female photographers, Canon and Visa pour l'Image hope to inspire a new generation of women to pursue careers in photojournalism.

The 2022 winner of the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant, Natalya Saprunova / Zeppelin, was selected for her stunning photographic series on the Evenki indigenous people and their culture in Yakutia, located in the Russian Far East. Saprunova's work captures the essence of this community and provides a glimpse into their daily lives, customs, and traditions. Her images are powerful, emotive, and thought-provoking, and they highlight the importance of cultural diversity and preservation.

Saprunova's work will be exhibited at the Visa pour l'Image festival, which is the world's leading photojournalism event. This festival brings together photographers, journalists, and industry professionals from around the globe to share their work, exchange ideas, and engage in important conversations about the role of photojournalism in today's world.

Overall, the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant is a testament to the power of photography and its ability to tell important stories, shed light on critical issues, and bring about positive change in the world. Canon and Visa pour l'Image are committed to supporting the work of female photographers and to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the field of photojournalism.


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