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Analog + AI International Photo Call

Category: Analogue + Artificial

Prize: Exhibition

• Entry Fees: Free


Exploring the intersection of analog photography and artificial intelligence, the Meccanico research space in Verona is set to host two distinct yet interconnected projects. These endeavors delve into the contrasting realms of craftsmanship and virtuality, offering unique perspectives on the understanding of image creation and creativity.

The overarching theme for these projects is "Rupture," a concept that invites artists to explore various facets of disruption. Rupture, in this context, signifies a departure from established systems, be they societal or personal. It embodies a pivotal moment in history or individual narratives—a point of no return, a fracture in the fabric of daily experience. It is a metaphorical scar that symbolizes both repair and the subsequent renewal following a significant break.

Participants are given the choice to engage in either the analog or AI realm, allowing for a diverse exploration of the theme. The projects are tasked with not only reflecting the rupture from a system but also delving into the profound ruptures within personal and collective histories. These creative endeavors are envisioned as a dialogue between two distinct languages—darkroom craftsmanship and artificial intelligence—both unified by their exploration of the rupture concept.

As the projects unfold within the Meccanico spaces, they promise to offer a nuanced and layered exploration of rupture, fostering a dynamic conversation between traditional methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. This interdisciplinary approach encourages artists to contemplate the dual nature of rupture as both a disruption and a catalyst for repair and renewal.


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