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All About Photos - Shapes

• Deadline: August 23rd, 2022⁠

• Theme: Shapes

• Prize: $1,000 + Publication

• Entry Fees: Yes

• REGISTRATION: CLOSED, Click HERE For More Opportunities

Show us the elements that abstract into light, texture, shape and shadow.

Understanding shape and form is one of the pillars of photography composition, and it can make even the most mundane objects become an object of art in its own right. Geometric, organic, positive or negative, shapes influence the degree of aesthetic beauty perceived when we first look at a photograph.

Send us your best photographs where shapes may not just influence the image, but where it may also be the subject solely.

Whether in architecture, portrait, landscape, nude, street or any other form of photography - classic or experimental: we're open to all genres and we want to discover the best and most interesting projects from all over the world.

Please send us a cohesive body of work or portfolio. Only a unified group of photos will be published in AAP Magazine. Images that were previously published in AAP Magazine cannot be submitted again.

Winners will receive $1,000 in cash awards, their winning image(s) or full portfolio published in AAP Magazine Vol.26, extensive press coverage and global recognition.

All winners will have their work published in the 26th printed issue of AAP Magazine, a free copy of the magazine and their portfolio showcased in the Winners Gallery of

Applications will be assessed on three criteria: creativity, originality, and the visual/emotional impact of the image. The winners will be announced on All About Photo, our newsletter and social media.

Why enter All About Photo Competitions?

Elevate your career!

All it takes is one industry insider to change the course of your career. Share your work with our audience of editors, book publishers, gallery owners, festival directors, creative directors, curators, and online media publishers!

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All About Photo is a leading platform in the photography industry showcasing the work of famous photographers as well as new talents. Don't miss the opportunity to be featured in our online gallery

International Press Exposure

Share your work with the world and catch the attention of diverse media outlets. We will promote each selected photographer on our website and on our social profiles.


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