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AI-AP / American Photography 40 Call For Entries


• Deadline: February 9th, 2024

• Prize: Publication + Exhibition + Exposure

• Theme: Humankind. Right Here.

• Entry Fees: Yes


AI-AP / American Photography 40 Call For Entries

The annual AI-AP juried awards, renowned for bestowing significant visibility and well-deserved recognition across pivotal realms, continue to be published in a grand, luxurious hardcover format. Holding true to their founding principles, these awards steadfastly honor exceptional photographers and illustrators, splendidly showcasing both commissioned and avant-garde personal work. The commitment extends to acknowledging the publications, creatives, and agencies responsible for selecting and employing the award-winning images. Embracing an inclusive approach, students and schools receive acclaim alongside established and emerging artists.

Established in 1982 by a committee of esteemed illustrators and art directors, AI-AP emerged as a distinct alternative to leading organizations and companies of the time. These organizations were perceived as neglecting unconventional, "cutting-edge" work produced by unsung artists who were pushing the boundaries of commercial art.

Highlights from AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY 40:

Open to photographers, creative professionals, publishers, agencies, representatives, students, and photography educators of any nationality residing, working, or studying in the Americas (U.S. South, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean, and Canada). Their work, encompassing both published and unpublished, personal and commissioned, may be created or published worldwide for any purpose.

International photographers living abroad are eligible if they hold American, Canadian, or Mexican citizenship, have representation, or have been published or exhibited in the Americas, whether in print, online, or gallery exhibitions. This includes work featured in international publications with global distribution.


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