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3rd Toolip International Art & Photo Contest

Toolip Art Gallery

• Deadline: May 20th, 2024

• Prize: €3,000 + 2 Months Exhibition

• Theme: Open

• Entry Fees: Yes


3rd Toolip International Art & Photo Contest


The 3rd Toolip Art Contest 2024 is already here! More significant than ever before! More opportunities than ever! A remarkable international competition is created to empower and project the artists worldwide, giving them visibility and international recognition.

Open to anyone from any country in the world. All kinds of artworks are allowed in the art contest, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs. also digital art.

Artists will win several Prizes and cash prizes, have their works exhibited for two months in our new Prime International Location in Budapest, and be featured in the media (TV, Radio, Press) and social media. Our independent jury will select the 60 finalists participating in the final exhibition.

DATES OF EXHIBITION: June 28th - August 28th 2024 (2 months)



- 15% off for Early bird's (January)  

- 10% off (February/March)

- Regular Fee(April/May)



​Our mission is to elevate artists by offering them a powerful platform to gain fame, wealth, excellent exposure, and world-class connections in the international art market.

Of all the artwork submitted, 60 pieces will be chosen as finalists. The 60 finalists, in addition to participating in the final exhibition for two months, are eligible to compete for these 6 prizes:


Best Painting/Drawing 1,146,000 HUF (3,000 €)

Best Sculpture/Installation 1,146,000 HUF (3,000€)

Best Photography 1,146,000 HUF (3,000 €)

Audience Choice Prize Painting/Drawing 382,000 HUF (1,000 €)

Audience Choice Prize Sculpture/Installation 382,000 HUF (1,000 €)

Audience Choice Prize Photography 382,000 HUF (1,000 €)

The works of selected artists will be published in the "Toolip Art Gallery"  Collector's Edition Book, which will be made for the 60 finalists and available to professionals and other organizations invited during the event's inauguration.


It is essential to highlight that since our mission is to empower the artists and give them visibility, even in the case that the artist has not been selected as a finalist, your submitted artwork will be displayed on our website from the moment you fill the application until the end of the final exhibition. Also by participating in the contest, the artist will get priority respect other artists who have not participated and also will get special bonus, discounts and preference for other events, exhibitions, etc.


There are no special qualifications or age required to participate.

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals from any country.


All kinds of artworks are accepted, including digital ones.

Maximum dimensions are 160 cm height and 130 cm width

All works will be presented with a picture or a video that a description must follow.

All works must be available for the final exhibition, for sale, and have to be the artist's property.


  • May 20th: Application deadline

  • May 28th: Announcement of the 60 finalists

  • June 18th: Physical Artworks delivery deadline in Budapest

  • June 28th: Notification of the four winners of the contest at the opening of the final exhibition of the 60 finalists


The registration must be done online at:

Once the registration has been successfully completed and paid for, the artwork will be listed on the website as " Artists in competition" in the next 48 hours


The jury will be composed of top professionals in the art industry.

The jury will select 60 finalist artists for the final exhibition

The jury will be announced on the same day that the final exhibition begins on June 28th, 2024, at the Final Exhibition and Awards Ceremony


From the 60 finalist artists participating in the exhibition, 6 winners will be announced for the Best Painting/Drawing, Best Photograpy, Best Sculpture/Instalation  and for the Audience Choice Prize will receive awards of 1,146,000 HUF (3,000 €) and 382,000 HUF (1,000 €) respectively. 

The names of the three main winners will be announced on the day of the inauguration of the 60 finalists exhibition (June 28th, 2024).

The jury verdict upon the winners is irrevocable. If an issue arises after a piece is selected, the jury will default to the successor. 

The names of the three Audience Choice Prize winners will be announced on Aufust 1st 2024 on Social Media, website and massive email.

The opening date will be published on the official website,, before the subscription deadline.

The date of the last day of the exhibition will be published on the official website,, before the subscription deadline.

Selected artists will be contacted for the preparation and submission of material for the final Collector Limited Edition Book as well as for the preparation and submission of the works immediately after the subscription deadline.


Winners will be awarded by their artwork's overall rating, assigned by the jury and the gallery that will host the exhibition.

The range of the rating scale is from 1 to 10 points.

The rating system is formed in the following ratio: 3/4 of the score is given by the jury, 1/4 by the gallery.

Each juror will give a score from 1 to 10 per each artwork. Then, we will take the average score given by all jurors, which will represent 3/4 of the total score.

The gallery will give a score from 1 to 10 for each artwork, and it will represent 1/4 of the total score.


For the Audience Choice Prizes, individuals who follow on Instagram, Twitter, and visit the Gallery will have the chance to select which of the 60 finalists should receive the Audience Choice Prizes based on their votes. Only one vote per ticket in the gallery or social media account will be accepted. Those who receives the most votes, wins. Audience have until July 28th to cast their votes. On August 1st winners of the Audience Choice Prizes will be announced


On the day of the inauguration of the exhibition, we will announce the cash prize winners for the three main winners, and they will receive an Award stating the prize, the contact information of winners, and terms of payment.

That certificate will be sent via email, has to be signed by the winners, and will be returned via email. Payment will proceed within 72 (seventy-two) hours from receipt of the signed certificate from the Toolip Art Gallery.


The final exhibition with the 60 finalists will take place in Toolip Art Gallery Budapest from June 28th until August 28th, 2024.

Toolip Art Gallery in Budapest will organize the exhibition.

Toolip Art Gallery staff will choose the set-up and arrangement of works independently based on spaces and types of works. During the final exhibition, the artworks will be for sale. The artist gives the gallery the right to sell and promote the artworks up to 3 months after the final exhibition ends. The Gallery will take a 40% commission on each sale.

With the registration, the artist takes on all responsibility for any theft or damage of the works entrusted to the Toolip Art Gallery during the entire competition period, including delivery.

Toolip Art Gallery will undertake management in the best way and take care of all the winning artworks.

The exhibition will be open to the public beginning on the inauguration day. It will remain open throughout the entire period according to the gallery's schedule (opening and closing times).

At the opening, collectors, press, art professionals, art lovers, and, of course, the winners and jury members will be invited. Incredible drinks will accompany the opening party.


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