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Jack Hoye

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In Surreal Life is a contemporary art installation showcasing artistic works that intend to define the spirit of this pivotal period in human history - bringing attention to the significantly complex relationship between nature and humankind. Evoking personal perspective through art, the present is revealed as an impressive instant and the future as a conditional proposal. I reveal the dissonance and the dissociation we endure amidst our humanity and the reality we’ve created for ourselves. How may we remedy the failures of modernity? How can we cultivate change for our future? This collection intends to feature a diverse range of visually cohesive pieces that encapsulate how I navigate my relationship with nature and human technologies - and how that may be translated from my perspective to an overarching narrative. One is offered a glimpse into our human condition while ruminating on what our future may be. The intention is that this message can be translated and related through art to provide a more easily digestible coherent narrative to all. There is hope that patrons of this collection will be inspired to enact change and to spread awareness of the human relationship with our earth.